Audiovisual Broadcast EVS support

🔸 Specialized support for EVS equipment.
🔸 At AVcast we are dedicated to provide repairs and technical support for Broadcast equipment during the last 10 years.
🔸 XT2, XTNano, XT2+, XT3 family of products receive no support from EVS, but we do have the resources to make sure your equipment keeps working as new


We do have the knowledge and experience to fix any issue with your EVS equipment. Over the years we did successfully repair a large number of EVS servers including the following models: XT3 XT2 XTNano XT2+ XT .


We supply all kind of spares like SCSI hard drives for XT2 family. SAS Hard Drive Seagate Savvio for XT3, XT2+, XS family of servers. Other boards like HCTX, MTPC, COHX, etc.


We rent and sell EVS equipment. International experience. Clients all over the world.

Feel free to contact us at: 

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